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    Uniquely Cappadocian !
  • The Unique Beauty of Cappadocia  <br><h1>Cappadocia <span>Cave</span> Otel </h1>
    The Unique Beauty of Cappadocia

    Cappadocia Cave Otel

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Shore Magazine

By Wendy Cobrin 2007

An Open Letter from Turkey

...To complete this experience, we stayed in a cave hotel called Gamirasu in Urgup, sleeping in rooms carved into the caves. Each room was unique, and they all had little quirks that added to the charm of our group experience. Our room had an exquisite marble bathroom—the ceiling, floor and walls were completely made of marble. Almost all of the buildings and homes in Turkey—hotels, shops, streets, pillars—display diverse types of marble in the most wonderful colors. The buildings are hundreds of years old, yet they look so new...

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