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    Uniquely Cappadocian !
  • The Unique Beauty of Cappadocia  <br><h1>Cappadocia <span>Cave</span> Otel </h1>
    The Unique Beauty of Cappadocia

    Cappadocia Cave Otel

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Cappadochia, Turkey  (By Emily Schmall - 25 Jan 2008)

A 1,000-year-old Byzantine monastic retreat, the 18-room cave house opened as a hotel in 1999. The people of Central Turkey continue to live in cave dwellings, as they have done for 4,000 years. The rooms are cooled by volcanic rock, which may have helped protect the original frescoes of an 8th-century cave church within the hotel's walls. Guests are treated to five-course meals and live Turkish music. Cost: for a double, which includes a bed, private bath and furniture carved from stone, or 0 for a suite with a fireplace and terrace; apricots, local honey and fresh cow's milk included.

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