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    Uniquely Cappadocian !
  • The Unique Beauty of Cappadocia  <br><h1>Cappadocia <span>Cave</span> Otel </h1>
    The Unique Beauty of Cappadocia

    Cappadocia Cave Otel

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September 2005

For a couple from L.A., the perfect honeymoon involves ancient ruins and whirling dervishesrelaxation, too. Exploring Cappadocia's eroded landscapes, hand-chiseled subterranean cities, early istian chapels, and trademark rock formations (phallic "chimneys" hollowed out and big enough to hold hotels and cafés) is an ideal finale. "We're always looking for the 'hidden treasure'type places to see," said Kristi. They're going to love the honeymoon suite at Gamirasu Cave Hotel.

Except for the door and a tiny window, the room is entirely carved out of the volcanic hillside. The hotel sits in the little-known village of Ayvali, where Kristi and Dave will be treated to views of the eerily pockmarked valley below. If they're lucky, there'll be an evening of folk songs in the village's main cave.