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Cave Suite Breakfast include

  • 3 Adults or 2 adults and 1 child 3 Adults or 2 adults and 1 child
  • King or two twin beds King or two twin beds
  • Jacuzzi Jacuzzi
  • Fire Place Fire Place



One of Cave Suite was at one time a shelter that also had a tandoori oven. The tandoori oven was where the fireplace is now. This room was also connected to both of the rooms on each side. The rooms next door on each side was used as an escape route. When you enter the room you will see a closet on the left side which was one of the escape routes to the next door. The writing table in this room is 500 years old and at one time was used to thrash and separate wheat. The big pottery you see in the cave hole on the right side of the room is from 2nd century. It was at one time buried next to the Roman Kings to hide their jewelry and burry it with them. The only dramatic change to this room was made when the bathroom was added to the end of the room. All the details such as the cave holes you see are original. The bathroom consists of a high quality anti bacterial travertine stone shower, floors and a modern Jacuzzi. 

One other was carved in the Roman time 2nd century. This room was used for 500 years by the Romans. The Byzantine people used this room for bedroom. It is next to the Byzantine Orthodox Church which is from the 11th century. After the 12th century it was used by the Ottoman Empire as a storage for dry goods. Between the time before the Ottoman Empire took over this room was used as a Pegion house by both the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire.You will see many lit up Pegion nests all through out the room. The reason for keeping the Pegions was because it was very important to use for fertilization for the grape wines. Since 100 years it has been used as a place to hang green grapes to keep them fresh from harvest time September to May. This room at one time was a single house for a family, 50 years ago it was in ruins but it got restored and connected to the hotel now  for 20 years. In the bathroom above the sink mirror you can see a design left over from the Byzantine time.  The bathroom is designed with a special high quality anti bacterial  onyx shower. 

The onyx is very special because it has over 500 different fossils from the sea. The Jacuzzi has a gorgeous panoramic view of the old cave village and you literally feel like you have entered a private balcony instead of a bathroom. The floors in your room and bathroom are all heated flooring. The bed is a 300 year old Ottoman time antique iron bed. There is a fireplace for your enjoyment. Again you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Cave village from your balcony. Your bedding is all handmade with the finest cotton. The trimming of the bed spread is the Ottoman design. All of the architectural  and the  interior luxury  design was all done by the owner of this hotel Mr. Ibrahim Bastutan. He was respectful to each rooms original lay out while making the necessary changes to create the room you see today to it's history. 


  • Between 45 m²s and 60 m²s
  • Extra-large bed (King size or twin bed)
  • Hot tub
  • Shower
  • Bathrobe and towels
  • Gate to the garden
  • Telephone
  • Hair dryer
  • LCD TV (Local and international TV channels)
  • Minibar (2 small bottles of water (FOC)
  • Safe Box
  • Wi-Fi internet connection ((FOC)
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Kettle: Tea & Coffee ((FOC)
  • Central heating
  • Original cave rooms (warm in winter, cool in summer)